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Hogwarts Crest iPhone Backgrounds

I just had to make some. I love Harry Potter and I wanted to represent my love on my iPhone. 320 px by 480 px Download this set:

iPhone Background – Royal Vintage

In celebration of my new iPhone 4, I just had to create my own backgrounds. Here is a collection of iPhone backgrounds that I made with the help of an amazing Vintage Texture Pack. I kept the colors dark to keep with the destroyed vintage feel. Hope you like them. 320 px by 480 px [...]

Scribbly Circle Tiles v2

How about some more color to go with those scribbles. I worked on a new set of color options for the circle tiles that are bright and bold. 200 px by 200 px Download this set: 200 px by 200 px Download this set:

Scribbly Star Tiles

I couldn’t help myself, I just like this style. Another set of scribbly/sketchy tiles but with stars this time. They were too much fun to make. 200px by 200px Download this set: 200px by 200px Download this set:

Scribbly Circle Tiles

I felt like sketching… but in Illustrator with the scribble effect. I have so much fun with the Scribble Effect in Illustrator. Hope you enjoy the tiles as much as I do. I started with a light set and then decided to also create a dark/neon set too. 200 px by 200 px Download this [...]

Nerdy Code Jokes

The best kind of humor is the kind people rarely get. I had set my Facebook status recently to: It completely made my day that I have friends like this who can keep the joke going Just thought I would share.

Curly Cue Line Pattern Tiles

Curly cue lines just keep going and going. A new set of pattern tiles inspired by some doodling this afternoon. I am currently using a variation of these for my twitter page’s background if you want to see them in action. Enjoy! 150 px by 150 px Download this set:

Hexagon Tiles

Six sided super shape. This collection of tiles are blocky and bold, they create a big fun pattern. 200 px by 200 px Download this set:

Rounded Square Tiles

Four rounded squares start to form different shapes… Another tile set based off my last post. Pushed the shapes a little more and came out with some pretty cool designs. Hope you Enjoy! 100 px by 100 px Download this set: 100 px by 100 px Download this set:

Diamond Tiles

Something new from the pen tool. A new set of tiles finally! I haven’t posted in a while, been busy settling in. Got a little inspired this weekend and here’s what’s new. Diamond Pinstripe Tile 100px by 100px Confetti Diamond Tile 100px by 100px