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Gummy Bears Haiku

I love Haribo Gummy Bears! I was picking up snack foods for when my mom and sister visit this weekend at Target. I figured I would pick up some Haribo Gummy Bears, the come in the iconic gold bag (and they’re the best kind in my opinion). We would always have them around the house [...]

Photoshop World Orlando 2011 Conference – March 31st to April 1st

I attended the Photoshop World Orlando 2011 Conference last week for the first time ever. I had an incredible experience and re-filled my ‘Nerd Juices’ as they call it. I was hesitant at first to attend because I would be the only one going from Socious (mostly because I am our Graphic Design Team) and [...]

Cosmos iPhone Backgrounds

Another collection of iPhone backgrounds. I had fun playing in Photoshop with these. The sky is beautiful, but I added some color to make it more magical. 320 px by 480 px Download this set:

Font iPhone Backgrounds

Designing backgrounds for my iPhone is starting to become my favorite side project… I recently came across this website, and spend awhile drooling at how beautiful the type backgrounds were. I paged through them all and thought how easy that would be to make one of my own. Well it’s not as easy as [...]

Holiday iPhone Backgrounds

What can I say? I’m a mac Another collection of iPhone backgrounds for the holidays. 320 px by 480 px Download this set:

Nerdy Code Jokes

The best kind of humor is the kind people rarely get. I had set my Facebook status recently to: It completely made my day that I have friends like this who can keep the joke going Just thought I would share.

Moving to Arizona

Oh, The Places You’ll Go. Thursday my Dad, Mom, and Sister will be moving me out to Gilbert, Arizona for my new job with Socious. I’m excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to start doing what I love. No more scantron tests is a bonus We have a moving truck coming to the [...]

UW – Stevens Point Graduation

I made it! I am proud to say that I am part of the Graduating Class of the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Web & Digital Media Development. I had commencement this last Saturday and finals this week. Strange, I know. So it’s not official until it’s all [...]


Because we’re the best 9 friends anyone can have. My best friends from home visited Stevens Point the other weekend and after a few mis-directions my friends showed up all within 2 hours of each other. Heather and Nikki from the Northwest; Leah and Mackenzie from the West; Emily, Chelsea, and Kirsten from the South; [...]