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Halloween is just around the corner…

I have been slightly obsessed with a new site called Pinterest. It’s an interactive mood/idea/inspiration board. It’s great for organizing ideas with friends, for example I’m helping my friend with her wedding and we can share ‘pins’ we find on a mutual ‘board’ we share.

I’m also helping decorate my friends Halloween Party. I have been looking up decorating ideas. I have been meaning to make a wreath for some time now and found two that I really liked. I used techniques from both to create my finished project:

Halloween Wreath Burlap Orange Black



  • Burlap – 1 yard of each Orange, Black & TanBurlap ColorsYou will have extra black and orange leftover, if you prefer not to you can purchase just ½ yard of Orange & Black Burlap
  • Styrofoam Wreath 12″ × 1¼”
  • Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Applique Pins
  • Scissors
  • 4″ circle template

The two techniques I used were:

  1. Rosettes – In the tan burlap I created 4″ wide circles and placed them around the edges of the inside and outside of the wreath first. Tutorial found at Domestifluff  “How to Make a Ruffly Felt Rosette Wreath.”
  2. Rolled Rosettes – In Black and Orange I cut a long strip, 1 yard in length and 1½ inches in width. Tutorial can be found at Just Sew SassyRolled Burlap and Rosette Fall Wreath.”


  • For the rosettes in tan I used applique pins and hot glue to make sure that they wold hold.
  • When placing the rosettes I put one facing each way to create a full look.
  • I was lucky enough that the rosettes covered the Styrofoam enough that white wasn’t peeking through too much, but you can cover it with the tan burlap first to create a better background.
  • For the rolled rosettes I used a ton of hot glue and a couple applique pins around the edges.
  • I added the tan rosettes in the middle last and only placed one at each space between the rolled rosettes.
  • For the little Sign I used wire, card stock, and some stickers.
  • Have a vacuum handy to clean up everything at the end, it can get pretty messy/dusty.

Total project time I believe was about an hour. It was a lot of fun though and went by quick. I would like to have added some burlap to the sign, but I’m saving the extra burlap for signs to place around jars… A variation on this from The House of Smiths.

If you would like to see me more about Pinterest and my boards, please check it our here. Be careful, if your like me you will end up scrolling down for hours 😉

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